JRS Snacks saw its origin in the year 1996. Two foodies, who are also a couple caught an eye for food, but a very niche genre of food back then. Frozen food. In an age when the maximum technology we had were mobiles, frozen snacks with zero preservatives was a task to figure out especially that they did not have Google.

Spring roll was this couple’s first attempt at frozen snacks. A simple, yet tasty and innovative idea. These snacks rolled with pure hard work, consistency, and determination while having two young children was the biggest challenge for the Mr. and Mrs. They persevered nonetheless. With few pieces selling out each day and no sales on most days, the owners of JRS held on, together, and pushed through it all. Eventually, the menu welcomed two new items, then four, then eight. Today, JRS Snacks has over 35 different varieties of not just spring rolls, but samosas, nuggets, cutlets, veg and paneer varieties of rolls, pizza pockets, cheese balls, and so much more. The road to the destination the owners envisioned for themselves started on tough terrain. A path of nothing but hardships and little wins. Yet, they decided to go and grow strong each day. All that, was worth the dream. The leap completely weighed on faith and unwavering courage. The journey so far has been just the foundation to a beautiful home we strive to build. It is the absolute joy of not just celebrating love and love for food, but also the love for service.